No Messing Around Mega Grass Fed Yearling Beef Package

Product Information

  • 40 kg premium yearling grass fed beef.
  • Delivery is included.
  • With all your premium fav cuts 
  • This is our biggest beef pack available 
  • The contents of this pack may slightly vary as weight and yield of each animal can vary



  • Premium yearling beef scotch fillet steak 3 kg
  • Premium yearling beef rump steak 3 kg
  • 2x small beef roast or one large one small to the weight  8 kg
  • Yearling beef topside steaks 4 kg
  • Premium yearling beef mince 6 kg
  • Premium beef sausages (natural casings and gluten free) 6 kg
  • Yearling beef grass fed t-bone steaks 2 kg
  • Diced yearling diced beef 5 kg
  • Yearling grass fed thin minute steaks 3 kg



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