Lamb,pork,beef,chicken mega freezer filler

Full lamb – approx 24 kg

Lamb roasts,lamb loin,lamb forqauter,lamb chump,lamb ribs,lamb cassarole,lamb shanks,

1/2 pig approx 20kg

Forqauter chops,cutlets,loin chops,leg chops,spare ribs,3x pork roasts,pork belly, 1 kg diced pork,1kg pork mince,1 kg pork sausages

Beef section 11kg approx

4x  beef scotch fillet

4x beef rump steaks

2kg diced beef

3kg beef mince

3kg beef sausages

1 kg beef eye fillet

Chicken section approx 2 kg

1 kg chicken breast

1 kg chicken thigh fillet boneless


2 kg naturally shaved ham

1 kg aussie bacon



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